Textbook pack “Rainbow”

The “Rainbow” covers the content of the integrated education of the primary school grades 1–4. The textbook pack is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science as suitable for use in the educational process.

The “Rainbow” textbook uses the thematic principle of organisation. One book is meant for a month and each provides a more general topic. Teaching materials are divided into weeks: their topics reflect some more specific aspect of the monthly general topic. Each textbook combines all subjects, taking into account the number of lessons set in the curriculum. The material for one lesson is presented on a two-page.

The textbook is complemented by other teaching materials: a workbook, a teacher’s book, audio and video recordings. The textbook and workbook packs have both paper and digital versions. The teacher’s book, audio and video recordings, workbook, answer key and other teaching and methodological materials are provided in digital format in e.lankos.

The workbook

Practical tasks, world cognition, native language, mathematics, English language and music teaching materials are consistent with the relevant topic in the textbook and the content on the relative two-page. Workbook is provided in paper and digital versions. There is also a workbook with answer key.

e.lankos is a digital educational tool which includes:
– a textbook and a workbook,
– audio and video recordings,
– teacher’s book and lesson plans,
– additional educational tools,
– individual teacher’s archive.