Adaptation of integration and

teaching methods

The main purpose of the “Rainbow” textbook is to combine traditional teaching of subjects with thematic integration. Students need to acquire basic reading, writing, computing and other abilities, thus it is essential to keep up with the subjects taught in school. During the integration process, it is important to cover the topics in accordance to the requirements of each subject’s methodology, which ensures an efficient compliance of the Primary Education curriculum.

The consistency and systematicity of the textbook

An integrated textbook allows you to work consistently and systematically. Consistency is ensured by the daily and not episodic integration of different disciplines and methodically coherent presentation of languages’, mathematics’, and other disciplines’ teaching materials. The systematicity of such education is based on the fact that integrated teaching encompasses the entire Primary Education curriculum.

A coherent and systematic integrated education can only be ensured by a full textbook or other educational tool covering the whole learning process. It allows for a daily integration of educational materials according to the weekly topic, and a monthly summary achieved through completing a project activity.